Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lulu's, Da's Arrival and The Crab Trap

This particular morning was a little rainy but was suppose to clear up by lunch. 

We decided that we would hit up Target and pick up a few things. 

That little face is precious. 

We went to Lulu's for lunch and enjoyed it so much! 
We were able to see a airplane take off from the water and that was cool for Sophie Clare. 

More fish tacos. 

Now let's hit the beach! 

Guess who's here??? 

We went in to help Da get his things and visit for a bit but then it was right back out! 

Girls killing me on the snow cones everyday! ;-) 

I love dribble sand! It is so much fun! 

Then is was off to dinner! 

Hanging out and looking for a park. 

She loved playing while waiting on our food. 

I love crab claws! 

Now off to crab hunt and yoga on the beach! 

July 12, 2017

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