Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What We Did On Monday

Good afternoon! I hope you all had a great day yesterday!! I got up and started in like it was a normal kinda day! I have to sweep everyday and I did some laundry!! We cooked some hot dogs on the grill and I made some of my yummy beans! I will have to post the recipe!! Later that afternoon we got ready and headed over to Stacey and Karen's house for a cookout!! This is the group that we did everything with when Jamie and I first met! Jimbo actually lived at Jamie's for a while, when we were dating!! Now everyone has children and live very busy lives. It has been a very lomg time since we have seen them. It was good to catch up!! Since we were outside, Sophie Clare LOVED it!! All those kiddos to watch!! She took a little cat nap and then right back to watching everything! Me and Sarah (Jimbo's wife) She is super sweet and I loved getting to hang out with her!! I can not wait to do it again!
Here are the 3 musketeers. Jamie, Jimmy (JIMBO) and Stacey. They have been friends forever! You should just hear some of there stories. They were a mess!! I met all of them when I worked at Unisa and Stacey worked next door at Izod!

Savanna is pulling them and they are loving it!!

Mary-Elizabeth and Sophie Clare riding in the car. Sophie Clare looks like she is a pro! She held on the the wheel like she knew what she was doing!! She loved watching all the kiddos!
Mia and Sophie Clare

Thanks so much Stacey and Karen for inviting us! We had so much fun!! We can not wait to do it again!!

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