Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a Sunday

I want to start by wishing my mother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We got up this morning and got ready for church! We dressed patriotic for out Memorial service. So I thought I would capture a picture of Jamie and Sophie Clare.......they just matched so good!! I so wanted a smile out of her so I did everything in my power to get one.............and it worked! I was either singing the Hot dog song from Mickey Mouse or Have a Little Talk With Jesus........I know they are 2 totally different songs but they both are her fave!! Just look at that grin, she is just so tickled! She is always smiling until she sees mommy with the camera.
We had a great service at church and the choir did a great job! After church we all went to Golden Rule to eat for mom's b-day. Then we headed to my mom and dad's. I stopped by home to change clothes and about the time I get ready to go to the car the bottom fell out! So I got to mom and dad's and I will just say that I was complaining about the rain! My feet were wet and so were my clothes.......not to mention it is just not fun getting in and out with a baby when it is raining! Anyways we wanted to get a picture of the girls, so we all went out onto the sun porch and here are a is so hard to get them all to look the same way but are the not CUTE!!!!

As we were taking the pictures.......we all of the sudden heard a cracking sound. Mother and daddy have a HUGE oak tree in the back yard, I am sure some of you know the one I am talking about! The WHOLE side of the tree came tumbling down......right on top of the play house, chicken coop and daddy's shop! What you may not know.....that is where we do a lot of playing.......the swing is out there, the fish needless to say if it had not been raining that is probably where we would have been! GOD IS GOOD! So you see, I am now thankful that it was raining!
It was all like it was in slow motion......the power lines snapped and smoke came out! I grabbed Angie and she grabbed ask where were the girls, they are still sitting on the swing! I just starting crying and poor Angie could not catch her breath! I have a lot of memories out there!!!

This is the playhouse and should I say was.

After we all calm down, we had a very enjoyable afternoon!

As you can see here, Emily is enjoying her ice cream cone in her tutu! She loves this tutu and always puts it on!
I hope you all had a great weekend and remember that GOD IS GOOD!!

Happy Birthday, mother!
I love you!

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