Friday, June 5, 2009

Hair Oh Hair

A couple of weeks ago, my best cousin Natalie highlighted my hair for me! I have never went to the beauty shop and done it! It just seems so time consuming! I have to keep up with my nails, I sure do not want to have to keep up with hair color!! I have always used Sun-in and it works really great with my hair but considering that I have a new baby and the sun has not been out, I had to go another route!! Natalie did an awesome job!! It is just enough for me to notice and not everyone else! Thanks so much Natalie for taking the time to do my hair!

Have a great weekend!!


K Mommy said...

It looks great! I just wish I was brave enough to do something with my hair color/high-light wise!

Sandra said...

Your baby is BEAUTIFUL and sooooo adorable! Your hair did turn out great, too! I love it! Looks great!

I love your mom's office and you could practically copy it but put your own stamp on it in several different ways....I SO WISH I could rush over and show you some great things to do!! I would!! :)

I'm new to blogging and have one hot mess of a blog and probably always will have! :( Just doing the best I can with SO little time. Thankfully I type about 200wpm but I make mistakes when I'm not doing it for pay :)) So try to read between the lines b/c I just left a comment on a blog and said I soooo wanted the housekeeper we have who comes 3X weekly to come 2 more days a week for ANY MAJOR/MINOR holiday coming up (my birthday has passed & it's too long till Xmas to wait!) We have such a huge home, trust me, I need the help! ;) I am on the go alllll the time and I only work 2 hours in my office for pay (medical transcribing) and they deliver the work to me and come pick up and take it back to Duke Medical Center so I don't even have to do that but I'm involved in way too many things at our church but don't know how to say "no" and probably like my mother, never will!! I try anyway. I'm currently writing a new Bible Study too-more time taken up.

I won't go on and on b/c I can easily write you a book in no time at all. Just really enjoyed reading your blog and LOVE KELLY for the idea she came up with for showing our homes to each other no matter what we each have-that makes no difference whatsoever. It's a great way to get to know others and spread the love and joy of the Lord with everyone! :) Sharing is great and God is awesome to let us have free will, eh? You betcha!! :)

Ok-going to see what's cooking cos I smell BBQ wafting into the kitchen from outside-both girls are out in the pool with friends and my parents are out there too and so is my sister and here I am sneaking online after a great morning and great afternoon when decorators/designers presented us with some GORGEOUS choices to renovate the girl's bedrooms to "big girl" rooms. I will be CRYING when the GORGEOUS murals in both bedrooms vanish including what's on the ceilings over their beds too!! But they don't have the memories I have that will "leave" with the changes that will be made & I'm glad really-cos it's painful! Brought each one to their respective rooms but the rooms were way way way way too large and they ended up in one of the very large master bedrooms on the 2nd floor (we have a 3 story home) that's beautiful and had plenty of room to put a beautiful crib in the rooms and also had very beautiful and nice bathrooms with plenty of room to store everything you'd need for a baby-for the whole first year just about..!!

Our oldest daughter's room is already being demolished as we speak...sadly. Gone are the beautiful built in's we had custom made-and in with the new just as SOON as my hubbie and I sit down and TRY TO decide which design to go with and the girls will have input on what they like in each design we were presented with too, of course but ultimately, we'll make the final decision but I don't think we honestly could go wrong with any of the choices we were given. Now to SELL one of the girls to pay for these renovations!! HA! HA! HA...seriously just kidding!!!!! But....oh give me strength--the cost of each one is astronomical!!!!!!! Whew-I think I'll go back to college and earn a degree in interior design!! lol

God Bless and LOVE on that precious baby gal~!!!


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