Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Friday's Are The Best

Oh how I look forward to the 1st Friday of every month in the Summer!! Why?? You ask?? Gadsden blocks off the streets downtown and has tons of stuff going on! Food, dancing, car show, balloon man, face painting and a lot of the stores stay open late! So if you are ever in the area you should go!!!
I do believe that this was one of the most fun times ever! We went with one of my besties(Amanda) and her boyfriend(David).

Can you tell that Wesley and Sophie Clare are ready to head downtown???
Me and Amanda! This was her first time and she loved it!
Jazz anyone?? Let me just say, these guys were awesome!!

A local church puts on the puppet show and has the best music! Have you ever heard Kid Rock (Cowboy) well they totally re-worded the song to Jesus and it was good.......Who would have ever thought to redo that song???

We saw tons of people we knew......which makes it more fun! One person I saw was Jon Works.......I have not saw him in forever! He has the cutest little girl and a sweet wife! You will not believe what he is doing now for those of you from Sardis........HE WORKS FOR THE SHERIFF'S DEPART. I could not believe it!! It was great to see him! Here I am with Julie! She and John are so sweet and have the cutest little boys!! The last time we were down, we had the pleasure of eating with them at my fave -JEFFERSON- ........We also met up with my cousin Nick and his wife Ashley!

If you are in town and need a great cup of java, check out the Grind! Yum!

A great place to take your kiddos!
Sophie Clare had the best time! She just looked and smiled!
After downtown we (Amanda, David, Wes, me, Jamie, Sophie Clare, Nick and Ashley) headed to Chili's to eat a bite....the wait was so long so we went to Ruby's in Attalla. They are never really busy! The food was good and thank goodness we did not have to wait long! I let Sophie Clare have her a cookie so that I could eat! She was a little trooper! We did not get in till around 10....and she was pooped till we got home then she wanted to play and laugh!! Finally she went to sleep around 11!

Can not wait till the next! Angie are you ready??? Stone Market here we come!!!

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K Mommy said...

That sounds fun! I wish we had something like that close by.

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