Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Train is in the Station

I will have to say it was a good train ride but I am glad the train is in the station! We have had such a great week and a room full of children. Some might say that I am a little on the strict side but I like to be in control not my kiddos! Although I make them be quite , when it is time.....not hit one another......throw things that might hurt one another, they all still had a great time! I love those kids and I hope they come to Awanas! Some of you were asking about the decor.......well I did not really take a whole lot of pictures of the other rooms. My mom cut a train out of colored poster board. It was so cute in my room, other than that I really did not do a whole lot! It was hard this year being a new mom and all! If you still need some pics, we had a guy that took tons of pics.......I will get some from him!

Gracie and Sophie Clare look like they have had enough! They both have been little troopers!
All I know is that I love to play as much as the children!
It may look like I am just posing in my heals but no, no....I am about to slide!!!!

Where is Emily??? She is in the floor hiding from the camera. Just here lately she does not want her picture taken. I hope she gets over that soon! I am all about me some pictures!

Tonight we talked about Peter telling about Jesus......the king did not like and put him in jail......

Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he..........

Are these 2 sisters not cute as can be???

When we got home, I headed to the bathroom to let the blind down and LOOK what I saw! A frog on the screen!

Have a great afternoon!

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