Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Night 4 of VBS

This morning we got up and I started cleaning. My house is such a wreck, there is bible school stuff all over the dining room table, Sophie Clare's bedroom looks like the closet exploded! After I got bored of cleaning I dropped Sophie Clare off at mom's and went to the church to cut some things out for VBS! I love VBS but it is a lot of work! When I got back Sophie Clare was in the need of a good nap! As you can see here she is sound asleep and the all of the sudden the weather siren decides to do a heart pounded, I just knew she was going to wake up.........for those of you who do not know, the weather siren is right next door so it sounds like it is in my living room!!!!! She did not she slept right through the whooooooowhooooo and the that man came on and said this is a we did not know that and that did it she woke up! OH WELL!
We made it to VBS and I let Sophie Clare play in the floor as I get my things ready to go!
Ms. Carolyn gave Sophie Clare a bible school t-shirt. We just had to try it on! It was so cute, it looked like a little night gown!

We are on night 4.....the children seem to be having fun but getting a little tired! We talked about Peter once again and how they caught 153 fish!

I had to bribe them with chocolate to get a group picture! Are they not adorable??

2 of the best helpers!!

only 1 more night!

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K Mommy said...

I would love to see some pictures of yalls decorations. We are doing the same VBS at our church and I am heading up decorations. I am always looking for ideas! Hope yall had a great and successful VBS!

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