Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Recap

Where in the world does the weekend go?? They just seem to fly by for me. I will start with Thursday night, I did not feel good at all. My body was hurting and I felt like I had a fever. Most of you know I only work 1 day a week and sometimes not that much. It was my time Friday to go see the girls of OSA. I could not dare call in sick on my 1 day. I went on in and felt good most of the day. I did miss the sweetest baby in the world though and could not wait to get home to her. We were pretty busy with lots of teeth pulling. We had lunch at Jeffersons, I will have to say that I had much rather be at the one in Gadsden. I was not sure about the service!!
When I went to get Sophie Clare, I was so excited to see her little face! She just melts my heart. We came home and did nothing.....that same ole feeling of Thursday night came back. I do not know what is wrong with me but I can not stand not to feel good or have energy!! It may just be the fact that I never really rest and it has just caught up with me. I did not get to lay around to much, Sophie Clare would not let me out of her site.
The plan for Saturday, sick or not I was going with mom and dad to some yard sales. Jamie was sweet enough to watch Sophie Clare. I found some pretty good stuff. We even come to one that was giving stuff out for free. You can't beat that. I will post some of my finds later. When we got back it was time for Jamie to get busy on the addition, while me and Sophie Clare laid out a quilt and I cleaned the toys, I had just bought. That is a big it worth the savings?? I think so!!
I stepped away for a moment and when I came back this is what I saw. Sophie Clare was wanting to get Callie so bad. You have to be very careful with Callie, she has a little bit of a temper. One time a girl was at my house and bothering her was not the word (when she lived in doors) I told her to late Callie slapped her. She did really good with Sophie Clare even when she grabbed her tail.hehe
Callie telling Sophie Clare "now that is hard enough" she even has one of her ears back just in case.

I still did not feel good, so we went to mom and dad's. I thought I would let them watch her a little bit and I would come home and rest. Well, let me just say.....I left her for about 30 mins. I missed her. So I just went back down there. We got the (wee) out and rode over to my house. Dad is checking out what Jamie is doing and telling him something. Sophie Clare loved riding the wee.

I am calling the dr tomorrow 1st thing. When I do not even feel like blogging, you know I am sick! Anyways, enough about that. I want to add that Jamie was a gem last night, every time Sophie Clare woke up, he was right there with her. Thanks bunches. Now that she is not crying with you at night anymore....Guess who can help more?? :)
I hope you all have had a blessed weekend!

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Dirt Princess said...

Well I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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