Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Me Again

It's me again!! I skip 1 day and so I thought I should make up for it! I am have been watching Southern Belles of Louisville and I am loving it. All of the girls have totally different personalities. If you are not familiar with the show, let me introduce them. From left to right.....Kellie, Julie, Hadley, Shea, and Emily. Shea has no mercy for money, she just recently got engaged. Her and the man went shopping for china..........what she wanted was $300 to $500 a place setting. THAT IS CRAZY!! Last week she and Hadley went shopping, Shea spent like $1000 and to me she got nothing. Hadley on the other shops at thrift stores. So they headed to one that she shops at a lot. Needless to say Shea did not buy a thing. Anyways I could go on forever. I can not wait to watch it tonight. I love to see what they are all wearing. Julie and Hadley are my faves!!
This little girl is going to give me a run for my money. She is only 7 months and the mess has already begun! I put her on her blanket, way away from the tv. I left the room to do a couple of things. I kept hearing a knocking sound, just ever so often. I just looked down the one at the door. I con't..........Just a few min later I walk back to the living room and Sophie Clare had got into her dvd's. She had scattered them everywhere . Will she ever get in trouble???
Around 11:10, Jamie and Justin wanted me to meet them for lunch. Sophie Clare was asleep and I had not done a thing to myself. But I did hurry and make it to meet them at 11:45 at the Cupboard. As I was sitting there waiting, I realized it was closed. I am guessing because it is a holiday week. So they said go to the Blue Plate. I will have to say that I don't think I will go back there it was not very good. They have what me and the girls of OSA call maw maw food. Anyways while we were waiting on them I let Sophie Clare get up front with me. She found her daddy's Mountain Dew bottle. I do not know why he drinks that . Blah
We came straight home and waited on my mom to call. We were going to my grandmothers. It was cloudy and not so hot so we walked. It is nice that all of my family lives within walking distance. Some of you may not agree but I think it is wonderful!! My mom painted the bloomers for her. Are they not so cute.
I showed you the bib earlier today and my mom wanted to see it on her. Of course I decided to do a quick shoot. I could not pick just one. I thought they were all cute. Then again I am her mom!

Have a great Friday. I will not be blogging tomorrow!


Angie said...

Sophie Clare may walk and crawl around the same time!!! Cute pictures.

Dirt Princess said...

I meant to record it!! I forgot! Hadley is my fave too

Embellished Bayou said...

I love that show too, Hadley is my fave too! Sophie Clare looks so cute in her bows!

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