Monday, July 6, 2009

A Salute to the Troops

Sunday morning we all slept a little later that we normally do. So that meant we had to get a move on! Needless to say we all worked together and made it to church in plenty of time. I went to the nursery with Sophie Clare and she had the best time aggravating sweet Gracie.
Our choir did a salute to the troops. They did an awesome job. We also had baptism. It was a blessed day!
Since it was a great holiday to dress for, I thought it would be nice for us to dress patriotic.
After church, Chris, Angie and the girls were going to mom and dads. We all did not communicate very me, Jamie, Sophie Clare, Chris, Angie and Gracie ended up at Zaxby's while mom, dad and Emily went home. I believe next time we will all be sure that we have a plan.
When we finally got to mom and dad's we had a good time. Uncle Chris had Sophie Clare laughing .

Gracie Ruth was in a good mood as usual.

And Emily, always has a good time at Gran and Pop's

Have a great day!


Tracy-Girl said...

oh my gosh... what an adorable family!!

Ashley said...

Hi! I saw where the post where your daughter was in the crab floatie. A friend of mine had a similar one to it and they have been recalled. Just an FYI! Don't want any precious babies getting hurt!

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