Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July

Saturday morning we got up and had to run to the grocery store. I needed to get a bell pepper, onion and potatoes. I had to make my special beans and potato salad. We needed to get a move on we had a lot of chopping to do. Jamie got started early working on Sophie Clare's room. I am so excited about this addition to our home. I know as she gets older she is going to love it!! Anyways every time I am about to get Sophie Clare out of her car seat, she gets so excited!! Just look at the sweet face. She knew her mommy was about to get her!! She was so good while I chopped away. Of course I talked and sang the whole time! I am great entertainment to her! The crazier the better! The louder the better! The more movement the better!
Janine called and said Farrah Jaye was already at the pool. So we hurried out the door. I just love Farrah Jaye, she is so sweet! Her mom, Amy is so sweet to hand down all of her clothes! So when if you notice the bathing day Sophie Clare will wear it! :)
Aunt Rita and Sophie Clare having a one on one time! Every Sunday when we get to church we always head to the fellowship hall and so that her Great Aunt Rita can hold her!
Later Johnna and Braden came for some fun in the sun! Sophie Clare is to busy eating a Popsicle in her mesh feeder. That thing is the best. I wonder though , why do they not come in pink!!

Our great friend Betty and my Aunt 2nd mom!! We love her........wait did I say great friend.....she is just like family! She is the greatest!
This is Johnna, Braden's mommy!

I love making Jamie do tricks, although I am a little more careful about what I ask him to do. Do any of you know why?? He brings home the bacon...HEHE...I can not have him down!!
My mom and dad are the greatest!! They helped me with Sophie Clare all day! I love to catch some rays and you just can not do that with a sweet baby! So thanks mom and dad for letting me soak up some sun!
Ben had to work but he and his partner came by for a visit! I think Braden was pretty excited to see his daddy. Speaking of daddy........I am so ready for Sophie Clare to start saying a few words!! I WANT to HEAR some MAMA!
Here is a shot of the pool I hang out at almost on a daily basis!
The granddaddy's keeping the babies cool. Pawpaw Frank is fanning Braden while he takes a nap.
We all had such a good time and had some really great food. I do have a new dip recipe to post, so be looking for it! Natalie and Zac did not get there till late. I missed them so much! Although I did get to do a quick photo shoot of Natalie!! I will post that soon! I also want to add that I missed Chris, Angie, Emily and Gracie Ruth! I know that they had to go and spend time with Angie's fam but it sure would have been nice to have them there!
I guess I have posted enough for today! I hope you all have a great and wonderful week!!

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