Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Already

Seems like forever since I have blooged! I guess that is what happens when you skip a day! What has been going on with us?? Well, you might say a whole lot of nothing. Monday night we went to a Southern Living Party at my sis-n-law's. It was a lot a fun and they had tons of good stuff. Sophie Clare and Gracie were so good! It is so funny when they get together, so matter howmany toys are in front of them, they always want the same toy! Gracie usually wins, she much quicker than Sophie Clare. Tuesday we went to lunch with my mom at Mill Street......they have the best food. Then we made our weekly trip to Wal-Mart.
This little girl loves to stand up! She gets so excited and just smiles. I let her hold on to the chair and she thought it was the best ever!
Let me just say that constuction is going great. All the walls are up and now it is time to frame the windows up!
I love having a talented mom! It is great!! I love Sophie Clare's new bib! I think it is adorable! Thanks mom!

Last night after church we headed to my aunts house. She had the youth over for a night of swimming and ice cream ! There were kids everywhere. They really looked like they were having a blast. Sophie Clare enjoyed some grape, she just kept opening that sweet mouth. I made her a bottle and look are her go for it. She could not wait.
Emily really would have liked to get in the pool but when I carried her over three to see all of those wild kiddos, she quickly changed her mind. I was kind of glad. They had those noodles popping them in the water....just having fun but I could see myself getting popped. Kati loved the water, she kept walking up to the edge and pulling at her shirt.
Just because we did not get in the pool, that did not mean that we could not play in the water!!

I posted a couple of pictures of Jamie and my mom, that they were not crazy about. So this is a replacement picture!!

This is Jack, he and his wife Barbara are so sweet! Last Summer when I was preggo, all I did was crave fruit. I found a LOVE for frozen blueberries. I thought Sophie Clare was going to be blue because I ate so many!! They brought me some just about every Sunday and even let us come over and pick some!

I hope you all are having a great week!

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Tracy-Girl said...

she is so beautiful!

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