Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Busy Life

First let me ramble about bath time. Sophie Clare loves it and would let her toes turn into I love that she loves the water. Sometimes when I need to get things done in the kitchen, I can put her in a sink full of water and she will just play. She is still loving bath time but all she wants to do is pull up.....ok Sophie are soapy and wet...YOU CAN NOT DO IT FOR DANGER REASONS!!!! So, bath time has not been to fun. When I would not let her pull up, she kind of would throw a fit. She would kick her legs and throw her head back and sometimes hit her head......OH that made it much worse!! Anyways, my mom had this blue was really made for the bath tub but she used it when Sophie Clare could not quite sit on her on. I got it from her and I put her little booty in that sit and IT IS GREAT!!! She LOVES it!!

Although she can not stand up, she is still pulling on the facet. I can handle that anytime.

On Wednesday night.......The fun is just getting started, Awanas is now in full force!! I am sad but happy. I had several really sweet kiddos move up. I will miss them but I got some new, really cute cubbies. Emily has always been the youngest and now she is the oldest........that is sad for me!! Last night was a little crazy for me. I could not get Sophie Clare to take a nap before we left, so I knew she was SO sleepy. I felt like they could feed her and she would go right to sleep.....OH BUT NO.....she was not wanting anyone but her mommy. I finally went and got her to sleep and she ended up having a pretty good night. We have a 3 girls in our class that are full of life! They are all so cute and have much to say!

Meet Paige.......she had great fun while her older sister hung out but the min she left, it was a cry fest...........needless to say, she went home!

Meet me, Maggie......the fun, crazy yet likes you to do what she says teacher! There is another great teacher, Michelle.....she is my right arm, I do not know what I would do without her. We swap up every other week and that is such a blessing!!

Meet Katie........she is such a doll and so sweet. She talks non stop.....I so hope Sophie Clare is like that. Katie is polite and will do anything you ask!
Meet Aly......she is full of life. She is going to be the test of it all. Instead of building with the blocks she wants to jump on them! It is going to be fun!

OK I have thought I uploaded a pic of MY NIECE.......WHAT??? I did not!!! I can not even believe that. I do not know how to go back and add a pic after I already have them loaded but if anyone can tell me.......I would love to know!!
You all already know Emily pretty well.......She is also full of life and has a great imagination!! She will be a special helper in cubbies since this is her 2nd year!!

Onto this AM.......Sophie Clare and I slept most of the night together which these days is nothing unusual. She got up WAY to early....6:30. I feel like I am an ok morning person, but I wake up ready to eat and ready to look at facebook and blog updates. After I got finished with my breakfast, Sophie Clare was ready for me to take her. I had her, my plate and my TAB. OH HOW I LOVE MY TAB. TAB, you say...why drink that, it taste like medicine. Well, it all started with Tab energy drinks....How cute is that can?? Pink and white........very gooood, why not try Tab coke in a pink can..........yes, yes, I only tried it for the first time because it was in a PINK can!! I fell in love with it and I can not live without it!! It is the best drink ever!!
My brother is going to die if he sees this, I did not let her drink any of it but she wanted it so bad!!

Trust me Chris, I did not let her drink a drop! LOL

I had the dreaded cleaning of the teeth today and I got a great report........THANK GOODNESS!! Then we went to HL and to some thrift stores...............I can not wait to show you my finds!!
I hope you all are having a great week!!


Tracy-Girl said...

I love it when little babies are bathing.. it is so cute and their skin is so soft and chubby! Adorable!!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

she is too cute and I love those bath pics!

Kelly B said...

My youngest loves his bath and tried standing the whole time, too. I will have to try the little seats. He won't fit in the kitchen sink anymore... I tried. I refuse to accept the fact that my youngest is getting bigger. And next month he turns 1 year. Oh my! It goes way too fast!! :(

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Awww, what gorgeous children! Every single last one is a dollface. :)

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