Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cat Lady

Good evening!! It has been a good day, nothing to exciting.......sometimes that is a good thing. We has a very good night. Sophie Clare slept all night. Now I did give her a little benadryl but I have given it to her before and it did not make a difference. I did enjoy the FULL night of sleep!!! I had to get up and get going. I had to work and only worked a half a day because my mom had to take my grandmother to the dr. When we got home, we did not do much except play and cook supper. I fried some okra and it was so yummy. Sophie Clare must have had way to much sleep last night because she did not want to take a nap at all. Her right ear seems to be better but now she is starting to pull on the other.....we are still taking our antibiotics and using our numbing in the ears. We will just have to wait and see..................................

That is what people would call me if I lived alone..hehe! I just love them. Some people say that cats do not have personality but I will be the first to tell you mine do!! I had a beautiful cat.......her name was Alley Cate....she passed away Saturday morning due to a care hitting her. She had to leave behind her 5 adorable kittens. They are so sweet. We had to gather them up and baby them. Right now they live in Sophie Clare's new part.....they have a room all to there selves. I guess it is a good thing the room is not finished and it cat proof. Mom and dad came up for a few a little bit. I decided since I had plenty of hands, we would take some pics. I am not very pleased so I will try it again. Sophie Clare was not so sure about all these little kittys.

I hope you all had a great day!

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