Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Splashing Around

Did you all have a great weekend?? I know we did. We have been to tons of birthday parties this year and still have more to come. Yesterday we celebrated Cole's 1st birthday at the Boaz pool. It sure was hot enough to take a dip. Jennifer always has the best parties and they are smooth sailing!! Sophie Clare was pretty excited about seeing Cole. Sophie Clare and all the other kids had a blast.

1st we all hit the pool and let the kids splash around. Sophie Clare just loved splashing!! Her little face was so wet.

Look at that hair....he is a cutie!!

I think if I let her go, she would love it. She is such a water baby. I just wonder about those classes that teach babies to swim, I wonder if the next year they remember how to. Not that I am going to enroll her or anything.

I wanted to swap babies with Jennifer. I just had to play with Cole for a little bit. He is such a sweetie!!

Jen giving Sophie Clare some baby love!

After the fun in the pool, it was time for cake and presents!!

He is getting ready to blow out his candle. I can not even believe that Gracie Ruth is about to turn 1 and just in 3 short months, my sweet Sophie Clare will be is that possible???

They were going to put him in his high chair, so that he could dig in......he did not have anything to do with it.
Maddie decided she would lick the icing off the candle.

Time for presents..........Cole got tons of great stuff!!!

When they finished opening gifts, we all clapped and he just latched on to his mommy.

After cake and presents, it was time to hit the pool! Jamie was sweet enough to hang with Sophie Clare so that I could get in the pool and play with the kids. I had tons of FUN!!

We had already dried Sophie Clare off but we got over in the baby pool and were having so much fun. I had Jamie go and put Sophie Clare swimmer on. I loved the baby pool area because it did not have any steps. She loved it because she could was a little slick. We had to be very careful!

I need PINK swimmers!!

She loved the water splashing on her!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week. Be sure to check back in later this week for my great treasures that I found this past weekend!!!

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