Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Afternoon

Afternoon all! I hope you all are having a great and relaxing day! Let's just say there has been a few things accomplished!! I am so excited about my rooster........Do you remember a while back, I posted him and one of my thrifty finds. I had a hard time decided what to do with him and I also had so great suggestions......THANKS BUNCHES FOR THOSE!!! Here he is, I love the way he turned out!!

On to the construction has windows!!! WHAAWHOO!! The electrician is coming this week and hopefully the next the wall will be knocked out!! I absolutely can not wait to have it all complete. I hope it is her most favorite place to play!! I know I will love it because of all the windows!!

My hard wood floors are going to be the death of me!!!! I never thought that much about them until Sophie Clare started crawling. I would mop and think they were clean........OH BUT NO....her little foot that she drags, was black. She looked like a dirty baby and I can not have that. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some Orange Glow not waste your money, her foot was still black. My sis-n-law borrowed a Bissel steam mop and said she really liked it. I asked does your floors look and feel clean?? The answer was yes. She was sweet enough to let me try it....they are about $80.00 and I hated to run out and buy it and not love it! I tried it out yesterday and went over the floors twice......GUESS WHAT??? Sophie Clare did not have a black foot. So, I will have one of these real soon.....hopefully by the end of the week!!

Last night we headed to O'Charleys. It has been a while since just the 3 of us have been out to eat. We went early so that we would not have to wait forever. Sophie Clare gets a little tired. She was great. She had some rolls and some yummy mashed potatoes.


Sarah Robbins said...

Your rooster turned out great!

I can't wait to see the finished addition. :)

courtne450 said...

Girl, I know all about the black foot. I can't ever seem to get my floors clean! This past week I mopped the floors every day, multiple times a day and still... dirty! I would love to get one of those steam cleaners. I might start saving up for one.

Kelly B said...

O'Charley's used to be our favorite place to go as a family! I still like it, but with 5 kids and no free food for kids anymore... we don't go anymore. I laughed about your dirty floor issue. I have carpet and vinyl. Even if I vacuum every day and mop everyday, there always seems to be a messy area. It drives me crazy. I have 5 kids, so that might add to it, but sometimes I wish I could have someone here to mop and vacuum for me 5 times a day. It doesn't hurt to dream....!! You all look wonderful in your picture!! :)

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

I want one of those steam mops too but I can’t bring myself to fork out the dough. Those things are pricy…at least in my mind. On the other hand the stuff you have to buy to clean hard woods is pricy too. Everyone I know that has one loves it! You rooster turned out too cute!


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