Monday, August 10, 2009

What Have We Been Up To

Good evening all!! I am sure you all have been wondering WHAT we have been up to. It has been pretty busy. I can remember when Sophie Clare 1st came home........we could not go anywhere and do anything, I will have to say, I kind of miss those days. It just seems like it is always GO, GO , GO!!
SUNDAY......1st we went to church and then me and Angie headed to get the pizza to carry to my parents house. It is just getting started with the girls getting mobile. I can just see these 2 for years to come.....side by side....are they no the sweetest?? Look at Gracie's hair, I can not believe she already has a bob!!

After we ate our YUMMY pizza, we headed back to church for a baby shower for Cassy. We had the best food and the flowers were beautiful! I am going to show some pics of that later.

Sophie Clare so that I can work in the yard for a while. Sara and Sophie Clare.......I am going to get Sara to come over sometime and play with.

Here is the sweet pregamista, Cassy.

Gracie is SO smart!! She is doing touch down and can even say it!!

Braden is such a cutie and full of life!!

After the shower we came back home for just a little while before we had to be back at church. We are starting Fireproof and I think I am really going to love it!! I am very excited about it!! When we got home from church, I decided that I would give Sophie Clare a sucker. She is totally rotten. She LOVED it!!
Just look how excited she is...........

Mommy, this is so good......Can I please have another??

After we finished our sucker and got all that sticky was time for bed. She was pooped and went right to sleep. I held her for about 30 mins and thought I could lay her down.......I WAS WRONG.......She sat right up and you would have thought I never even rocked her.............I did this same routine about 4 times and ended up just sleeping with her. She has been so restless and even a little jumpy in her sleep. I called the dr this morning and explained it to them and they thought she might have an ear infection. A EAR INFECTION......NO WAY. She has not screamed or anything. They thought I should bring her in........I did and sure enough, her little right ear was infected. I felt so bad. I am so glad I did not put it off any longer. It pays just to call the dr and tell them your baby is not sleeping well!
She is glad that her mommy took her to the dr and she weighed 18 lbs. What a big girl!!

I am glad she had not felt to bad!! Just look at that sweet and happy face!! I am so blessed!!

That is about it!! I am going to curl up for a bit!!
Have a great Tuesday!!


Brittany Janae said...

Hope Sophie Clare starts feeling better! Those pictures of her are so precious!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Sofie Claire is such a charming little girl. I always enjoy stopping by to see what she (and you) are up to next! Your dress her up so cute! Reminds me of when my beautiful girl was little.

Hope you got a little rest!


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