Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9 Months

August the 29, Sophie Clare was 9 months old. I can not believe that in just 3 short months, she will be a whole year. Time has went by way to fast, I wish I could make it stand still. These moments are just precious. She is a joy everyday. Thank you God for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!! I am so blessed!

This morning, we headed to my mom's to get our 9 month pictures. Sophie Clare was in the best mood, maybe it was the cool breeze and the smell of Fall in the air.

She loves to pull up on anything and everything.

She is crawling everywhere, she follows me where ever I go and loves to pull up on my leg while I am cooking. The other night she was under the table and pulled up on the chair.......She then realized it would slide, so she began to walk with it. She took about 5 steps and then I went to get her. She is going to be walking before I know. Where O where did my little 4 lb baby go??

She loves her bottle and had rather have that than anything else. She takes about 6 a day and I know you are thinking WOW!!!! For a while now she has not wanted any baby food. I have not been all that worried about it but I have been giving her what ever I am eating and she loves it. She loves green beans, bananas, pudding, cake, bread, gravy, okra, mac and cheese!

She is such a happy baby. She is so busy and always on the move. She just jabbers all the time and says mama a lot.

She loves to stand at the door and watch the kitty cats. She is my daughter.

She still only has 2 teeth. I am starting to wonder if she is ever going to get anymore..lol!

She loves when her daddy comes home, she has the biggest grin on her face.

Gran and Pop, oh how she LOVES them. She gets so excited the minute she sees them.

She really enjoys riding the 4-wheeler and she is a great shopper.

She is so ticklish and just laughs so hard. Her favorite place to play is the couch with me or on the bed with me and her daddy. She can make all kinds of blowing sounds with her mouth.
I love her with my whole heart.
I guess I better wrap it up, she is tugging on my leg.
Have a great night!!


Angie said...

Oh Maggie, they are wonderful!!! You forgot to mention how much she loves her Aunt Angie!! Ha Ha just kidding!! She is so beautiful and when I look at her smiling I can't help but smile all over myself!!!! You did a great job, but that's nothing new!!! I love y'all!!!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

She is so beautiful!

Kelly B said...

How precious!! Children can be such a blessing! She is just adorable!! I bet you have lots of fun kissing on those cheeks!! :0)

janie said...

Hi Maggie, these pictures are just precious. I try to look at your blog every day or two. Sophie Clare is just growing TOO fast! You are a great picture taker too.
I just want to kiss those sweet little baby cheeks of Sophie's. Perks my day up to read and look at your pictures.
Keep up the good work!
Love you,

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