Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon!! I hope you all had a great Labor Day!

I am going to start off with Sunday morning. I don't know about you but Sundays are hard. It just seems like everything takes longer and does not really go smooth. No matter how early I get up, I just seem to be rushing. I had just took off Sophie Clare's pjs and just let her crawl around in her diaper while I ironed her dress. I left her at the front door so that she could do a little cat watching. When I came into the living room and this is what I saw. A bare bottom. All I could do was smile, she was the cutest!!

She had some how managed to take her diaper off. I had noticed lately that she picks at it but I never dreamed she would be able to take it off. So if we run around in our diaper anymore, we will most definitely have bloomers on.

Sunday Jamie and I were married 12 years. Mom and dad watched Sophie Clare so that we could go to Birmingham. We went to Ross's and I will just tell you, they did not have a thing. I usually can find something in there. After Ross's, we went to the World Market. I love that store and could stay in there forever. They have so much neat stuff!! Then we hit the Galleria, I was ready to shop at Forever 21. Let me just say I was disappointed, I did not find much a anything in there. I only got 2 shirts. I am just not sure where a person my age is suppose to shop. I have found more at Wal-Mart. I could not pass up going to Target. I was going to get my Bissel. I just don' t think the Lord wants you to shop on Sundays. NO BISSEL!! Oh well, better luck next time!!
We ate at one of our favorite places, THE CAJUN STEAMER!! YUMMO!!!

I love to sit outside!! I can just really enjoy my meal and let me say it was delish!!!

I ordered the Bayou Chicken and Steamed Veggies

Jamie ordered
Bayou Chicken and Crawfish Etouffee.

We had such a good time but it was good to get back home to Sophie Clare. I missed her!!

Monday morning, Jamie got up and headed to Marvins. He only has just a few short weeks to finish up the construction project!! He put the insulation in and was going to start framing the windows till he made a big fat booboo. He set the table saw 1 inch to short, so he had to head back to Marvins and get some more wood. I felt so sorry for him!! Anyways, he and my dad unloaded all of the sheet rock and it is going up this week. It has been a slow go but I am so excited that we have a dead line!

After they finshed unloading, it was time for me to head out. I had a dinner date with Angie. We ate at STRUTS. We had the best time and stayed for 3 hours!! I can not wait to do it again!!

Before I left, my Aunt Rita and Farrah Jaye stopped by to see the kittys. Farrah Jaye loved the kitty, so Rita took it home!! YAY!! Only 1 more to go and he will be gone Saurday!! Sarah, I can not wait to bring you this sweet little kitty!! You are going to love him!!

Have a great week!!


Anna said...

Tillie Ann does the same thing with her diaper. WE have to wear bloomers when we go without clothes!!

sarah m said...

She is so cute...I love the pictures of her! And happy anniversary!! :)

Kelly B said...

That is soooo sweet!! I love diaper-less bottoms... unless they are changing the pattern on the carpet!! ;0) Happy anniversary!! I am glad you and your husband got to go out. We have been married for 12 years, too!! I think the 12th year is even better!! ;0)

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