Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Tide Was Red Hot

Good evening or I could say good night because I am about to do some sleeping!! This morning we got up and hit the yard sales with the rain, now that is dedication! Mom and dad had the girls this morning (Emily & Gracie) so they did not go. Jamie was sweet enough to go with me and he was a trooper!! Maybe is was because tomorrow we will be married 12 years. Although he said he would go again and I am going to hold him to that!!! Needless to say we did no find that much this morning but it was fun. Sophie Clare and I later went to Gran and Pop's house to play with the girls. We always have so much fun, Later we came home and cleaned out Sophie Clare's closet. It is about to be Fall and I knew there were things she was not going to wear anymore. I am so ready for Fall clothes!! I had got a cute a Alabama cheerleader outfit from my friend Cassy, it was a 2t but I still wanted to put it on Sophie Clare for the Bama game. She looked so cute and it really was not all that big. She loved us saying Roll Tide!

This picture cracks me up, she looks like a different baby. Look at her little ear,
the headband is pulling it down. lol

Last night we headed to First Friday, I was not even sure I wanted to go. I was so tired from being up since 2!!! We went anyway, I just hated to miss it! The crowd was not as bad as it usually is. I am guessing because of high school football. We only stayed for about an hour but while we were there, we had a great time!! We ran into some friends (Melanie and Amanda). Considering that Melanie is a friend and a blog friend, I just had to get our picture!!

Sophie Clare loved it, she checks out everyone. When she gets tired of riding, I always let her ride on top and she LOVES it. Needless to say she got tired. She look like a little Miss America.

I am hitting the sac!
Have a great day at the Lord's house!


Gretchen said...

Roll Tide Roll!! How cute she is in her cheerleader outfit!

Kelly B said...

she is so precious!! Mine will be 1 year old on the 16th and it amazes me everyday how much he changes. It is kinda sad, but I know that with him, every stage will be my favorite. Nothing will ever replace all of the sweet baby memories. We watched the Bama game, too! WE LOVED IT!! ROLL TIDE!! I was nervous in the first half, but they owned the second! :) She is adorable on that outfit! I had to get one for my youngest daughter, now 3.

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