Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Can Not Believe It

Can you believe that in just 3 short months my sweet baby will be turning 1?? I can not believe it! The year has just went by way to fast. Considering that Sophie Clare came into the world on right around Thanksgiving and on Alabama/Auburn game. There is lots to plan around. I know it is early but it is her first. I know she will not remember it but I am celebrating a year of blessings. We went Wednesday to meet Jennifer, she and her mom will be making Sophie Clare's birthday outfit. She needed to be measured and she was so good. She just sat there and let her work. We picked out the colors and everything. I can not wait.

She was not sure about the measuring around the neck but not a peep!

9 Month Check Up

Thursday we headed to the Dr for Sophie Clare's check up. This was the 1st time my mom did not go with me. I actually went by myself. It was not at all difficult........Gran just likes to go and we like for her to go. We did not have to wait a long time which was good. When they called us back they said " Sophie Griffith" I am having a hard time with this........I hate to correct them but that is not her name. Why is it that when people ask me her name I tell the Sophie Clare and they say "hey Sophie" again not her name. Anyways just wanted to vent about that!! lol
We got back there and the 1st thing you have to do is strip a baby down. I always let her wear something easy to take on and off. She is always so good at the Dr office. She loves the paper on the tables.

She weighed 18 pounds and 8 ounces and was 28 inches long. She is getting so long.

We saw Dr. Frankin this time and she is so sweet......and young!! Sophie Clare loved her scarf. We talked about her eating......that was one of my concerns, Sophie Clare has not wanted baby food in a while, just her bottle. She said that was fine, some babies do not like baby food. She is right on target for everything. You might say that she is perfect! We went ahead and got the flu shot and she was such a big girl, just a little cry and that was it! She did say that we need to get on a better sleeping schedule and we will work on that........slowly!!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!!


Sarah Robbins said...

She is just too precious! I can't wait to see her finished dress. . . Wow- only three months and she will be a year. I love how you treasure each moment.

And thanks for your kind words about my wisdom teeth- I'm hanging in there!

Kelly B said...

She is so very sweet!! My son, Michael, turns 1 year on Wednesday. There is just something so sweet about this age...!! ;0)

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