Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harvest Festival

In Boaz, every year they have a craft show downtown full of crafts, talent, food, cars and fun for the children. I absolutely love Harvest Festival and look forward to it every year!! I see so many people that I have not seen all year. My mom has had a booth as long as I can remember. Friday is the best day to walk around, Saturday it is just packed! I always go both days and stay all day. I was curious to see how that would work out this year with a baby. Sophie Clare was so good. She enjoys being with her gran and pop all day. She even took a nap.

Here are some of my mom's things at the show.

Saturday, Angie and the girls came for a bit. I think they had lots of fun!

Braden had such a good time.

At Snead State Community College, they are going to be performing The Wizard of Oz. They were at Harvest Festival singing and advertising!!

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Tracy-Girl said...

What a crafty, festive, fun time!! Love the pictures!

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