Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing, Playing and More Playing

Playing seems to be what we are up to these days.

Yesterday, Emily had a dentist appointment. Sophie Clare and I went down to play with Gracie while they Angie and Em went to the dentist. We had tons of fun. I carried my camera and got it out.......took pictures and then realized....NO CARD!! How in there world could I forget my card, I have no clue. So needless to say there are not any pics of Sophie Clare and Gracie playing. After that we headed to a couple of thrift stores and had really good luck!! You will get to see that later!


Awanas is going good. My sweet little class has tons of energy. Some Wednesday nights I wonder if they have heard anything we have said. I just pray that they have!! They are all so sweet and there is nothing more precious than hearing them say there verses! There are earning there awards like crazy! There little vest will be filled in no time.
Emily just earned her lamb path!!

Let us talk about last night. I know that I do not have Sophie Clare on a really big schedule but she is usually in bed by 9 or 9:30. Last night the sweet baby did not go to bed till 11:00 .

This his her playing at 10:18pm........see it is dark outside, all of the other babies are in bed!!

See 10:18 and she does not plan on going anytime soon. Finally she went down at 11:00.

We were up and at it this morning at 8:00, I will add that we slept like babies. We had a play date, so we had to get busy. Sophie Clare took a short nap. When she woke up, I called April and her little Luke was still sleeping. Considering she is just a hop, skip and a jump away. She was going to call when he woke up. It wasn't 15 min and she called.

Here are Sophie Clare and Luke, looking each other over.

Sophie Clare just made herself at home. She crawled everywhere and even wanted to get into there cabinets. Luke was a little unsure of Sophie Clare loudness but he realized that is was all fun and games.

April made the best sandwiches!! It was so much fun and we can not wait to do it again!

Thank you April and Luke for a great play date!!

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Tracy-Girl said...

These are the cutest pictures! I love the pumpkin on her shirt!!

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