Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Wednesday night was a fun filled night. We had a mission speaker, which we only got to listen to a part of because my sweet 3 and 4 year olds were getting way to restless. What I did hear, was very good. We got to class and we were talking about wisdom. I have the sweetest girls but I have a couple that just never listen. I sometimes leave thinking did they hear a word I said. I sure hope so!! After club was over, it was time for trunk or treat. Everyone did not dress up but those that did were super cute. Here are a few pics.
I hope you enjoy!

All of our sweet cubbies!

Gracie the little bumble bee

Look how cute that stinger is!!

Sophie Clare trunk or treating for the 1st time and she looks a little unsure.

YAY!! She has yummy MM's

Ben, Braden and Johnna

Our cute little flower!!

It would not be fair to go trick or treating and not get to eat any of the candy. So, when we got home I sripped Sophie Clare down to her diaper and let her have a sucker and she LOVED it!!

Today my sweet baby girl is 11months old. I will do that post this weekend! Have a great and Happy Friday!

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