Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11 Months

11 Months

A year has almost gone by and I can not believe how fast it has flown. She is such a joy and a blessing.

She has come a long way from a sweet little 4 lb baby.

Let see what the little girl is up to...........

She is in 9 month clothing and can wear 12 months but they are a little big. A size 2 shoe and there is room to grow. For so long I never put shoes on her. I love bare feet babies. Now that it is getting cold and soon to be walking, I felt like she needed to get used to shoes. She does not mind them at all and they look so cute on her.

She weighs about 19 lbs. She is still so little. Sophie Clare jibber jabbers all the time. She can say mama and dada.........that is about it. She knows what lots of words mean but just does not say any. Oh well, that I will come soon enough. She still loves her bottle and she loves big people food. Although I have to be so careful what I give her because she still only has 2 teeth. She is so cute when you give her a bite, it is like she is pretending to chew. Sophie Clare is working on a top tooth and I am wondering if it is ever coming. Seems like they take forver.

Monday afternoon we headed to my mom's to take Sophie Clare's 11 month pitures. She would not smile at first but then she just let her little personality shine. I took so many ans it was really hard to decide what to put up.

Changing this girls diaper is crazy, she will not even lay still. She is ready to be on the move.

She crawls everywhere and is into everything. It is amazing how a little one can make a mess so fast. Sunday afternoon, she took her first little steps. My mom has one of those yoga balls and Sophie Clare loves to play with it. She was using it as a walking toy and it kinda got away from her and she just kept walking. All together she took about 4 or 5 steps. Since then she has takin a couple here and there but nothing big. It does not matter to me that she is not waking yet. I will not mind if she waits a while longer. Seems like when they get started all they want is down.

Her favorite game is peek a boo. She will get behind something and peek around......oh it is so cute.

I can not believe how much her little hair is growing and it has just a touch of curl to it. It is pretty thick.

Those sweet lips and bright blue eyes get me everytime.

Oh and that smile, I could just sqeeze her till she pops but I won't. lol

This little lady is finally clapping her hands. Everyone has been working this since she was 6 months old and just all of the sudden, she was standing in my lap........we were just talking and looking at the kitty cats and there she goes without me telling her or showing her, she starts clapping her little hands. It was the cutest!

This was the very last picture I took, she took her bow out and she was done.

Happy 11 months, sweet baby girl. Mommy and daddy love you so very much!!


Angie said...

All of these are so good!!!! I think the second from the top is my fav!!!! So cute!!

courtne450 said...

Such pretty pictures! She is a gorgeous baby. They grow so fast, don't they...

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