Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jean Shopping

Jean Shopping
Is so not fun!! It is so hard for me to find jeans that fit........just right. Why is that?? I went to Gap because that is where I purchased my favorite pair and get this.......they do not make them anymore. I bought a couple of pair and they just do not fit right. I will say that I am a little on the picky side. I like a certain length, waiste, color but who doesn't. I also went to old navy and that was a FLOP. So, I am going to hit Birmingham wide open and try to find some jeans, I would love to know what your faves are!!


courtne450 said...

I am so totally with you there! I can't ever find good fitting jeans either. I got my last jeans at Ross and am pretty happy with them. They are just long enough, which is hard for me to find and they are stretch... I love that. I got them for $9. Not too bad!

Gretchen said...

American Eagle or Lucky. I used to wear Gap and can't find the cut anymore. If you go to the Summit they have both a American Eagle and Lucky store. I swear by both of those brands.

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