Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing and Snacking

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching my niece. We got her around 9:30 and on the ride home, Gracie was so good. We just talked, I would make sounds and she would just laugh. Sophie Clare on the other hand cried the whole way home. We got home and I carried the bags in and went back to the car and carried both of them. We had such a good time. We played and danced. We took a nap and had a picnic in the kitchen floor. I did not take many pics but here are a few.

Gracie loved Sophie Clare's rocking chair. When I put her in it, her sweet face just lit up. Then she would just rock and she weeeee!

Here they are having a picnic. Considering I have the high chair of death, I was not about to put them in it!!! I made cheese toast and they loved it!

Thanks Angie for letting me watch Gracie, she was just a little doll!

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