Monday, August 20, 2012

I Can't Believe It

I can not believe that in the morning I will be carrying my sweet little baby girl to her first day of 3yr old preschool.  I have talked big the whole time saying that I would be fine. Well that was a joke. Yesterday I was an emotional wreck. I am going to miss her soooo much.  I am sure you are thinking  to yourself..............How many days a week is she going??  She will go 2 days a week and for 4 hrs a day. So total that up.......yep 8 hrs a week she will be away.  ;-( The most I am ever away is a 2 or 3 hr. And that 3rd hr is when she is in bed.  I know deep down that this will be good for her. She will enjoy being around other children and making new friends.  We are thankful that her friend Luke is is her class.  I feel that we are blessed with 2 wonderful teachers.  We have a new backpack and our dress is already ironed. She says she is ready and that she is not going to cry. I hope she is right! ;-) 

This past Friday, I wanted to take a few back to school pics. 
 Don't worry, there will be plenty more in the morning! :-)
She is already super smart in my book. She can say her ABC'S and know what some of the sounds are. She can count to 20 with a couple of mistakes. She knows her colors.

She can tell you her phone number, birthday and tell you where she lives.

She can draw several letters. 
 She can sing tons of songs and she even know the pledge

That is just a few things! I know that she is going to learn so much. I look forward to picking her up and her telling me all about her day!

Wish us luck!!

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