Friday, August 31, 2012

The Beach......Day 4, 5 and 6

I am sure that most of you are ready for me to move on from the beach!  Although, I love reliving every min of it, I am ready to post something else! ;-) Bare with though this most and one more!  The last post is the beach pics I took of Sophie Clare and the pics my mom took of us.

I decided to squeeze day 4,5 and 6 all together! Most of the time we were hanging by the pool, playing on the beach, shopping, eating or just relaxing in the room. There was a little rain everyday but that never stopped us from having fun!

This is Friday, we headed out pretty early because the rain was coming in. We wanted to soak up as much sun and sand as possible!

If you will notice in this picture, way back there................the rain is coming!!

Later that evening the rain was not letting up so we decided to get ready and do a little shopping. My parents were coming down to stay with us a couple of day and we were looking forward to seeing them. Sophie Clare was beside herself. Sometimes she is not sure how to act when she is so excited.  I cooked that night so that we all could just relax and visit.  We all went out for a walk on the beach.

Pop, daddy and baby girl looking for shells.  Apparently SC has found something else to look at! ;-)

Oh it must have been this fabulous sand castle. We had been trying all week to get her to make something with us and she just did not have the patients until now. She is was ready for the next day! ;-)  There were some amazing artist on the beach. We saw a dolphin, mermaid, alligator and more sand castles. I may dump my phone pics on her because the alligator was my fave and you need to see it!

I love this pic! She is my sweet doll baby!

She loved getting in the coffee table jsut as much as she did last year. haha

She and her daddy doing a little dancing!

Day 5, the very last full day on the beach............It was the prettiest day we had the entire time and it only rained like 30 mins a day.  We made the most of our day.
We carried Sophie Clare to the beach so that we could finally help her make a sand castle.

Then is was time to get into the ocean. At the beginning the ocean was not near as clear as I like it.......................... but in the end it was so clear you could see the bottom.  We wanted to get Sophie Clare out there and hit some waves. She was sooo cute and loved it!  Every time they would come, she would scream and hold on tight!

Back at the pool, she was jumping off backwards.

Swimming like a fish.

Then it was time to call it a day and get ready to go to the HOME OF THE THROWED ROLLS!  We had very little time to play outside on the train, it came a flood while we were waiting on our table.

We ended up splitting up form my parents and went to do a little shopping. Then it was back to our favorite place.............The HANGOUT!
As we were getting her ticket to do the jumpy thing again, she really enjoyed "writing" a wish and putting it in the wish wall.

Oh how she LOVED this. We are going to have to get her a trampoline! She bounced her heart out! ;-)

She really enjoyed playing more this night than the other. She ran through the long tube tons of times. Jumped off the tube and chairs. She had the best time.

Ahhh! Day 6, really is it time to go already?? Sophie Clare and I were far from ready to come home. I do believe that we would have been fine for another week or 2. Maybe it was because I knew that school was starting and I was  not ready for that.
We had to be checked out by 10 so we had to get a move on.
My wonderful parents! We are so glad they were able to come and spend time with us at the beach!

The girls!

Sophie Clare was SOOOO NOT READY TO COME HOME!!!  I wanted to go to Old Time Pottery so we went there and when we finished up, we were going to head home. Sophie Clare had other plans. She wanted to go back to Lulu's and get a t-shirt so we did. ;-)  When we got there she wanted to play for a bit.

As we were leaving LuLu's she saw the go-carts and wanted to ride again. She still had points on her card from the other night so we thought why not. ;-) She really kinda wanted to ride with her daddy  but settled for me!

We lived it up till the very last min!! We had such a great trip and can not wait till next year! Sophie Clare is still talking about it! 

One last post about the beach after this!
Hang in there!

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