Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Beach........Day 3

Day 3 was more fabulous than day 2. 
Sophie Clare and I let Jamie sleep in so we headed for a morning walk on the beach! There is nothing like seeing the ocean through Sophie Clare's eye's. It was so sweet watching her finding shells and showing them to her baby! I just love her precious imagination.

We came in to hurry down to the pool. We wanted to soak up as much sun and sand as we could!  Sophie Clare took a break for some of my Special K schips.  She loves those things!

Sophie Clare LOVED the pool. 
I am sure  you may have noticed that it is ZERO entry and she LOVED that she could touch!!

We headed to the beach to play in the water a while!  My little diva with her sunglasses on. She wore them all the time! ;-)

She can be so girly but then all of the sudden she will throw in some gun shooting!  haha

Trying to bury her feet in the sand.

After not being patient enough to bury her feet, she decided to take a run! I love love love the way she runs and I have to get it on video. 

After a fun filled day in the pool and on the beach.........The rain was starting to move in. We decided to go ahead and get ready to out.

My camera fogged up every time I went outside. That is why there is a foggy look. ;-)

We ate at the LIVE BAIT in ORANGE BEACH. It was soooo good. We had fried pickles for an appetizer, Jamie had blackened chicken!
I had crab claws........They were YUMMY!!
Sophie Clare had chicken fingers and fries!
Sophie Clare LOVES her T-Shirts so we had to get her one! It is now one of her faves!
Then is was off to see if they were bringing the fish in and we were a little to late but that was ok. It was rainy and a little windy!  Although we had fin checking out the boats.

Since it was rainy, we went to some shops. We needed to get the girls there necklace. I am glad I have nieces that will tell me what they want! ;-)  It makes shopping easy! 
I was excited about showing Sophie Clare hermit crabs! WHY?? Because I wanted her to have one!  But guess what, she did not want one so we did not make a purchase! ;-(  Oh well maybe next year!

It is always tradition to  have your pic made in front of the shark. But the weather was crazy and it was crowded!

We went back to the condo for a bit and waited for the rain to stop. Thankfully it stopped so that we could go and HANGOUT at our favorite place!

We had not been there to long and the foam party started. All of the kids except for us had foam from head to toe.

Sophie Clare had her mind made up that she wanted to do this "jumpy" thing. She was such a big girl. She let the guy strap her in and she jumped her heart out!

Back to the foam!

Love that she is holding her shorts up!
She is mine but I think she is too cute!

She loves her "Hang ten" shirt as  she calls it.  She is always doing the sign.  

I hate that this is blurry because she is doing it so well! ;-)

We had such a fabulous day and night!

Next up is day 4!!

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