Monday, September 3, 2012

Hoping For A Better Week

Tomorrow is a new day at school and we are praying for a better one.  Last Tuesday she woke up crying and cried all the way there. Bless her sweet heart, I had to leave her crying again.  It just breaks my heart! She is just so full of life and personality. She clams up and shows none of it. ;-(   On a brighter note, wheen I went to get her Tuesday at 10, she was all smiles and having tons of fun on the playground. 
This is Miss Priss after school!
Happy as can be!

Thursday, was better as far as getting her there but leaving her was the same. Crying on Mrs. Tricia shoulder. ;-( 

I picked her up right after snack and as soon as she sees me, she just bust out into tears.  It breaks my heart. I know that we will over come this but it is so hard.  She has already been asking if she has to go to school tomorrow. She just seems to worry about it so much and I just wish she could just relax and have fun. She already knows half her class and has some faves in there. I encourage her to talk to the them and she tells me she is shy! 
Say a little prayer that she has a good day tomorrow!

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