Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yard Sale, Yard Sale

 That was what we did Saturday! 
I LOVE to go to yard sales but not crazy about having them for many reasons. People want it for free, they try to be sneaky about the items they get and try to cheat you! ;-)
I had a few of those on Saturday! ;-)
 I was not expensive on anything and felt like I was very fair. This was the 1st yard sale in 4 yrs. I only sold Sophie Clare's things and my clothes. Although I had a "crazy" day, I did really well!

Sophie Clare was a trooper! She woke up around 6:15 and stayed the entire time. She played and had a good time!  My mom, dad, Aunt and cousin joined in on the yard sale. The more you have to sale, the more people will stop!
Thanks to all that came out, I do believe I will be good for another 4 years! haha

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