Thursday, September 20, 2012

Play, Play and Play

The title of this blog sums up what our life is all about. Seems like we play 24/7  but I would not change it!  I love seeing Sophie Clare play and use her imagination. It is the cutest thing ever! ;-) We picked up Bubba last Friday from school.  Sophie Clare was excited to have someone to play with.  It took them a bit to get in the groove but when they did, they were angels!
 They were so cute playing doctor!

Sophie Clare has a hard time sharing sometimes so she decided to hide a few things in her closet.  I opened the door to hang a few clothes up and this is what a found! She is a mess!

We also got to enjoy some time with the girls!
Friday was game day, we played with the girls most of the day and just hung out. Nothing to exciting but thats not always a bad thing!

This week, I got creative and made Sophie Clare a trailor to pull behind her tricycle. She has LOVED it! She had rode miles and miles. She "hauled" all kinds of things!

We also had a few activites at the table. Her letter this week at school was F and her color was yellow. She loves to play school and do crafts so I thought it would be fun to throw in a little extra learning! ;-)

She LOVEs my school!
I know that one day really soon she will LOVE her school as well!!

We also did a little painting!

And she even read to her babies during circle time!
It was so sweet!

I hope you all are having a great week!

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