Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Break That Was Not Planned

I know that I have not  blogged in a while and that was not planned. It just sort of happened! Sometimes we need a break from all the "computer" stuff.  And another thing, we have not really done anything but hang out at home!

This past weekend was the annual Harvest Festival in Boaz. My mom always has a place and sells are fabulous painted things!  Friday, we went and let me just say it was HOT!  It was so hot that I had to take my cardi off and just have my talk on. Under Sophie Clare's eye was a little sun burnt and my neck was red. This is at the end, with an icy and ready to go home!

Saturday was total opposite from Friday. It was raining and cool. The rain slacked off enough for us to have fun but the cool weather stayed and it felt soo good. Sophie Clare was even cold at times.  We shopped, visited with friends, family and drank coffee. It was tons of fun. Sophie Clare had enough of the Harvest Festival but as we were leaving, we spotted the famous trampoline bungee jump thing. We had to let her do it. She LOVED it at the beach.

Sophie Clare is in a posing mood these days!
Her poses are so funny that I just had to share them with you!
This is Sunday morning before church, she thought she should pose with a scarecrow and kick that toe up.

Yesterday was MY BIRTHDAY! Sophie Clare was super excited about it. She and Jamie went to Wal-Mart Sunday to get me a card and a gift from her. She picked out the cutest Belle card that played music. She also picked out a smell good burner. ;-)  I bought these foam "carveable" pumpkins at the Dollar tree and let her play with her Potato head stuff with them.  In honor of my birthday she made me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Potato head!

What kind of look is this?? Oh she is a mess and I just have to shake my head and smile. I am hoping when I do Fall pics, she does not make this face. ;-)

I had a wonderful birthday of shopping and lunch with my mom and Sophie Clare and a fabulous dinner with my family last night!
Thank you all for making my birthday fantastic.  

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Dirt Princess said...

Welcome back. I just came back after a long hiatus myself. Trying to get back in the swing of things.SC's faces are too funny! Hope she doesnt try strike a pose for Fall pics

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