Monday, October 15, 2012

A Fun Filled Weekend

Last week was a week of celebrating birthdays. First we celebrated mine and then Jamie's on Friday!  We made him a cake and decorated for him. Sophie Clare had a big time. She LOVES birthdays!  Jamie was off on Friday for his special day so we went had lunch and did a little shopping!  Later that night we went to my parents to spend some time with Emily and Gracie. That is always tons of fun!
Saturday, was very low key! We hung out with the girls for a while, went to get more mums and cooked ribs.

Sunday we headed to church.................

Then it was off to Homestead Hollow for the afternoon. Sophie Clare had a hard time getting into it.  Not quite sure why?? She looked like she had lost her baby most of the time.

Got to love her fake smile!

I sat her on such a pretty Fall scene to take her pic.
 This was how she was....................

We promise you can ride the horses if you just smile a little and pretend to be happy.

That was good enough for a horse ride.
  She was so brave!

We all had a pretty good time and thankfully Sophie Clare perked up a bit.  We decided that since we were so close that we would just run on to Target. I LOVE that store!  We spent forever in there. SC was perfect and we just looked at everything!  On the way home, thinking we left in time for church....................traffic STOPPED! 
 We sat, sat, sat............
We creeped, creeped and creeped some more.
Thankfully we had colors, books, stickers and a very sweet truck driver that kept us entertained.

We had a great weekend!
Can't wait to catch up on some blogs later!

Last year at Homestead Hollow

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