Friday, October 19, 2012

A Falls Kind of Day

Happy Friday! I hope you all have had a great week! It has been a good one here! Another great week at school and Sophie Clare is improving every day!  She is still crying when I drop her off but after that she is good! ;-) That makes this mommy very very HAPPY! 

Wednesday is our day at home because of church. This week we did not have church so we planned a fabulous day at the Falls with great friends! Sophie Clare was super excited to see Matia Grace, Max and Andrea! We arrived a little early and they had some great Fall scenes set up. So of course I took advantage of it. 

Sophie Clare was so much more open with them than usual! It usally takes her a while to get warmed up but not this day!  She just talked and told Tia Graaace and Max to come on.  No shyness on Wednesday! ;-)

We rode the train for a bit then went to hang out with the animals.
 The day was just perfect.

Then it was off to play for a while.
They had a big time!

Then it was off to have a picnic. We were all famished and ready for lunch!

A perfect Fall day!!

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