Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Low Key Is How We Do It

Good Morning! 
I am sitting here enjoying a cool morning and coffee.
Don't worry, I will not be sitting long. I have to sweep, make SC's bed, fold clothes, clean mirrors.......I am sure the list could go on. 
 Sophie Clare is at school and today is school pics. Wonder how she will do?? Should be interesting to say the least.

We had a pretty good weekend all except that my dad cut if fingers on the table saw.  He is fine and they are able to repair them! PTL! 

We are not doing much on the weekends these days. It is about to be something every weekend so LOW KEY is not a bad thing!  Saturday morning we go up to go watch Bubba play Upward basketball. Sophie Clare was pretty pumped about watching him play and even posed for a pic.
Braden was so cute out there running up and down the court.

Hands up, get the rebound!

Throwing the ball in!

He did a great job and we really enjoyed watching him play. Sophie Clare really enjoyed watching him but she also loved the cheerleaders. We have been doing cheers not stop!

When we got home, we played in the back yard for a bit and captured it on camera.

Who would have thought when I said.........
Hey come take a pic with mommy, that she would have looked and smiled!
 A proud moment!

Love this girl!
 She brings so much JOY to our life!

After a morning of fun, the work began. Jamie pressure washed the house and porch so that I could paint it this week. I sanded the table and painted the table our tv sits on. Looks much better I might add.  We are in the market for a new tv.  Our "big" dinosaur went out so we have gone back to our "smaller: dinosaur. Till we decide on what size we are getting and where we are getting it from. 

We hope you have a great week.

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