Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pajama Party

Get up to take off your pj's to put your pj's back on............that sounds like a good day to me.

Sophie Clare had her pajama party at school yesterday.  She was pretty excited about it but had lots of questions. She was very curious what all was going to take place. I assured her that she would have tons of fun!  ;-)

Here she was saying,
I love pajama day!

Such a big girl!

 I wanted to get a class pic.
 Sophie Clare was not sure about that but I as least got one with her kinda looking!

We made little treat back for her friends and she came home with lots of goodies!

She still does not eat snack at school and the girls were sweet enough to send her snack with her. When we got in the car, she could not wait to dig in. She ate so much of it. As soon as we got home she dumped her treat bag out and loved going through it.
Thank you for a great first party!

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