Friday, November 30, 2012

Birthday Week

Sophie Clare celebrated her birthday all week long. It started with her school party on Tuesday. It did not go like I thought i t would. Bless her sweet heart. She does not cry but she does not talk to anyone. She even cried some while I was there. Although, all the other kiddos seem to enjoy the cupcakes.

Tuesday night, we stayed up to make more cupcakes for her sweet friends. We were going to meet them at the bouncy place.
Sophie Clare loves to make cupcakes or  anything to do with cake.

Just like me, she loves to lick the beaters and bowl! 

Wednesday morning she was super excited and could not wait to get to the bouncy place. She even asked if we could leave early!

She was so full of energy when we go there. We did get there a little early for just me and her to have some play time. We had the best time.

She had even more fun when her friends got there. The were climbing, sliding, bouncy and runny every where.

They all seem to get tired around the same time so that worked out for all of us.

Silly faces!

More silly faces.

Sophie Clare that is enough silly face.
 You are stretching her face and making it red!

So she decides to suck her thumb.............really??
You have never done that you silly girl!

After the bouncy, we enjoyed some yummy pizza.

I still can't believe she is 4!!

Jamie was suppose to build her a play house for her birthday but time has not aloud for that. We thought about a trampoline but it is about to be COLD. So I decided to let her go to Wal-Mart and pick out what she wanted.  She is very much into Jake and The Neverland Pirates. So that is what she picked out. We have been playing Captain Hook and have had soooo much fun!

We also met Jamie for lunch at the Cupboard which that is the place she picked. She loves there chicken salad.  She wanted Top of the o River for dinner so Jamie picked it up. My parents came to celebrate her fabulous day!

She is loving puzzles right now and Gann Gann and Pop suprised her with a new one!
She loves it!

We had yummy cupcakes decorated by Sophie Clare and sang Happy Birthday a few times.

Enjoying playing on Gann Gann's IPad.

I feel like she had a great birthday and thank you to all that made her birthday special!

I can't wait to do her 4 year old pics next week!

Have a great weekend!

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