Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You are 4!!

Sophie Clare you are 4 years old.

You weigh around 37 pounds and you are 39 1/2 inches tall.
You have grown a 1/2 inch in one month.

You are full of personality and a ball full of energy.
You are the sweetest little girl although you can get a little sassy.
Your imagination takes you to all kinds of places. You love to pretend and you have a few imaginary friends.
You sometimes use your "sister"  to express how you are feeling. Which I think is really cute.  You are very smart but will not do anything under pressure or if I put you on the spot. You have just a little bit of a stubborn side.  
You love your baby soo much. We never leave home without her. I love that you sleep with her every night and when you wake up carrying her down the hall. It is just a sweet site.  You love your family sooo much. If you do not see them for a couple of days, you are saying WE MISS (whoever we have not seen).

You do not take naps anymore although, some days it might be nice if you did. ;-)

You are a  good eater.
You are not much of a breakfast eater and it takes you a bit to wake up.
You will pretty much eat just about anything and most of the time try anything. You eat the best when I cook. You LOVE to dip your food and will dip anything. You love to dip cheese its in thousand island dressing.

You love your friends and love playing with them. 

You are really into puzzles right now.
You love playing school, babies and store.
You love books and coloring.
Crafts are such fun with you!
You love helping in the kitchen and helping me clean!
You are such a sweet girl!
You love when you daddy is off and you look forward to him coming home at night!
You love to snuggle on the sofa with me. You love to pretend that alligators or dragon monsters are after us. You love to pretend you are a pirate and look for treasure.
You LOVE going to church and get so excited about being a Cubbie and seeing your friends.

The age 3 was a lot different that the age of 2. You became your on little person and had a mind of your own. We at times struggled with that but that to came to pass.

Some cute things you say.................
When you count to 20, you say twenty teen and one teen.
I love your mother and your daddy.
You will name your new baby, Santa BBQ. lol
When your putting puzzles together you will say that you are a smart ole gurl. 
I'm a good doer.

Your not much into television unless you are laying down resting.  Then that is only about 15mins. You still love Caillou. You are into Jake and The Neverland Pirates and it is super cute! You are got through phases and love a particular movie. Here lately it has been Alvin and The Chipmunks or Toy Story. You LOVE listening to your Kid Song DVDS.   We listen to those more than anything.  

That is just a little bit about you. I could go on and on. You are such a blessing to me and your daddy! We are so thankful God chose us to be your parents. We love you so much and look forward to another year of great memories.
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