Monday, November 26, 2012

Deck The Halls

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed spending time with our family and extended family!  Then there was BLACK FRIDAY. There were stores that had fabulous deals. Did I go for those deals?? NO, I did my shopping online. I bought part of my sweet nieces gifts and  bought one for Sophie Clare. It was easy peasy and I did not have to fight! lol We got up Friday morning ready to put out our Christmas. I dug through the attic for a while to see if I could find any loss treasures. It is amazing what you collect over 15 years. 
Every year has brought a new adventure with Sophie Clare and this year is going to be the best yet.  She is super excited about all things Christmas. The birth of Jesus, the tree, the lights and Santa.  She enjoyed putting her tree up and was loving that she had one in her room. It is so strange that she does not remeber it from last year.

Lights on out Christmas tree always make me crazy! I leave them on every year and pray they all work.  SC and I had to make a light run and needless to say we did not get enough but we made it work. I wrapped her in lights and she liked it at first...............then all of the sudden she looks a little nervous in this pic.

I was going crazy while fixxing the lights and Sophie Clare thought is was so funny! She would run and telll her daddy, "mommy is going crazy" ;-)  We finally got the to all working. We ate, had baths, turned on the Christmas music and decorated the tree together for the very 1st year.  Sophie Clare got a little side tracked by her stocking and thought she should wear it!

She found the star and was ready to put it on. Jamie held her up so that she could.

She was very proud of herself.
Standing back and admiring her work!

After all that decorating onm Friday, Sophie Clare was ready to go see Santa. We got ready and hit the mall but not before a quck photo or 2 in front of the tree.

She makes my heart smile.
We also watched the BAMA game at the Wehunts and had a fabulous time. Thank you for having us over!

We did not realize that Sophie Clare and baby had matching pj's.
How cute are they??

It is birthday week for Sophie Clare and we are celebrating all week long!

We hope you have a fabulous week!

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