Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Disney On Ice

Saturday was an exciting day. We went to Disney on Ice. I could not wait for Sophie Clare to see it. I wanted to take her last year but her attention span is very short. She still does not watch tv much so I was a little nervous how well she would do.
We left in plenty of time so that we would not have to sit in traffic. On Thursday, we went to Christmas Village and sat in traffic for about 40 mins.  Thankfully no traffic. Finally it was time to go inside and the girls were excited.

Sophie Clare seem to have a plan when we got inside. She had herself all set up right beside Andrea and had no intentions of moving. ;-) Glow stick, snack, and princess lunch box.......she was ready.

Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the only one we got of all 3 of us.

This is suppose to be a pic of the group......
notice how everyone is looking or should I say NOT! haha

Then finally the show started. It started out with Mickey and friends introducing the show. Then the Incredible's came out to get the kids pumped up and exercise some of there energy out.

Then the show started with Alice and Wonderland

Off to Peter Pan we go and this was probably Sophie Clare's favorite. WHY?? She has a huge imagination. She says she works at ARRRR MATEY. She hunts for treasure on a boat in the water. ;-)

This is the part that Sophie Clare remembers the most. She has told everyone about this alligator that ate Captain Hook. She also said that it scared her.

The Lion King

Snow White


She really enjoyed the entire show. She was just watched, smiled, waved and clapped. It was wonderful gettting to see her sweet face. Yes I was a sucker, she wanted a snowcone in those pretty cups. I went to get her one only to realize they are very $$$.

The Little Mermaid


All of the Princess........It was all just magical!

We had such a wonderful time!
We will be making this a yearly tradition!

Thank you so much for inviting us Andrea!!

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