Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween

Good Morning! It is time to play catch up!
We have had a wonderful yet busy weekend.
I have not had a lot of time to check out blogs but from what I have saw........Your kiddos were adorable!
And Facebook Friends......Thanks for posting your pics! Loved looking at all of them! ;-)

Tuesday night we went to a local Halloween Bash. 
Before we left I of course wanted to get a few pics of my kitty cat!

Sophie Clare just does not do well in a huge crowd if she thinks she has to particapate.  It was pretty chilly too. I carried her just about the entire time. ;-)  When we first got there, the crowd was not so bad, but wow did that change quickly. Needless to say we did not stay the whole time. Check out these 3 cuties. Johnna and Natalie entered Braden and Carver in a costume contest.  Braden won first in his age group and Carver won second. I think he should have got first. ;-)

I do believe that Carver LOVED trick or treating.

It was hard for SC to get into it but she loved going through her goodies when she got home.

Halloween night, time to dress up again and try to get more pics.
This is a jumping, scampering and busy kitty cat. I could not get her to be still for nothing.

See  my kitty cat tail.........

She is an absolute mess and keeps me on my toes.
I would not have it any other way!

Our first stop was a little small church down the road.  We know all of them so we thought it would be fun to stop by and trunk or treat with them.  Then it was off to mawmaw's.  Bubba came in and we got some better pics than the night before.

Is this not adorable??

Then it was off to our church for some trunk or treating.

Sophie Clare got into this a little more, it was not crowded plus she knew everyone.

Then our kitty cat was ready to shed the tutu so she could play play play!

Look how precious this little golfer is.......Love that face!

We had a fun Halloween. 

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