Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Fun With Friends

Last night we "missed" our church to go hang out with Andrea and her family at there church. I always feel so guilty for missing our church. We went last year and had a blast. Andrea was sweet enough to invite us to come back!   They have lots of cute games for the kids, chilli cook off, hot dogs and pony rides. Sophie Clare fell asleep on the way. She never does that. She enjoyed the afternoon playing with Farrah so I guess that wore her out.  While we played the games, she did not get into it much. She let me and Jamie do a lot of the work.
Horse race.....she LOVES to race up and down our hall. I could not get this girl to run for nothing. I am guessing she was not good and awake.

You were suppose to dig in the corn to get a prize but since she would not they were kind enough to just give her one. ;-)

The bean bag toss, Oh I wish that you could have seen her. She was not enthusiastic at all. She would barely toss it. By this time, I think she was just doing it for the candy.

Now, she is starting to wake up and get comfy. 

The girls!

Bestest of friends!

Matia Grace is so cute, she wore her stach all night!

Pony ride!

Cutie patootie!
After we finished the pony rides and ate a bite. We let the kids play playground. Sophie Clare was a different child. She ran, climbed, ran some more and was sliding. She had so much fun! I loved watching her be herself.

We had so much fun and I am so thankful for our friends!
Thanks Andrea for the invite!

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