Sunday, December 16, 2012

1st School Christmas Party

 Thursday, Sophie Clare had her very first Christmas party at school.  I think she was more excited about me being there than the actual party. ;-)  School is just not great and I will not get into that. We just pray that one day it will be. It is better than it was and for that I am thankful.

She is very reserved at school so not her.
She is a ball full of energy every where else we go.

It was her turn to pick a present and she did not even want to get one. I had to get it for her.
 Bless her!

There are only 3 boys in her class and they are all so cute!

She does not look like is enjoying herself but believe it or not she did. When we got out the door in the car that is all she could talk about.  I got in the floor with her and a few other kids and Sophie Clare really starting opening up. She even was playing wtih them and smiling. April caught that on camera! ;-)

This little girl is Gracie and Sophie Clare talks about her a lot. She seems really sweet.

Her best buddy Luke!

This is Sawyer and she informed me that Sophie Clare cries sometime at school and wanted to know why??
I told her that I am just so much fun  and she missed me.  ;-)

This is Kimber and she is a doll. She kept wanting Sophie Clare to open her gift and SC was  not going to do it. She waited till we got home to open it and gave me a make over! ;-)

Thank you for letting us "parents" come and be a part and thank you for April for taking pics!

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