Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Sophie Clare woke up around 7:15 asking if Santa had came to her house. I said yes, I do believe he has.  She was ready to go and see. I told her she needed to wake her daddy up first. She ran into the living room and was super excited. She saw that Santa had drank all the milk and ate most of the cookies. She thought that was something. ;-) She was ready to open. The 2 things she asked for was a Dreamlight and a Leap Pad2. We felt like she should open the Leap Pad first, so we helped her find it. Oh the look on her face was fabulous. She was ready to open it and play right then. Good thing it was ready with batteries. 

Considering the past years, Sophie Clare had taken all day to open gifts but not this year. She was ready to open them all! 

Next up was her new baby. 

I think she was just as excited about the carrier for the Leap Pad! 

I could not imagine Christmas without a baby. Did I want this one to replace the other one?? Oh no, not at all and it did not. She loves it but the other one is just right and that is all right by me! 

Our tradition is french toast on Christmas morning and that started at my parents. SC is not much of a breakfast girl so I thought I would make some cute Christmas shapes for her. 
Did she eat it?? 
Was she impressed??
 Oh well maybe next year although, that did not stop us from digging in. YUM! 

After opening gifts, eating and getting ready, we headed to my grandmothers for a quick bite and visit. She and Braden exchanged there gifts. 

SC enjoyed playing with Bubba's gift almost as much as she loved hers. Although, she loves anything Bubba does. :-)

My grandmother and her 3 children. 

Me and Johnna
She looked so pretty and got all dressed up. Me, you can't see but I have on my red rain boots because it was so  YUCKY outside! I love those boots and love any opportunity to wear them!  

After my grandmothers, we went to Jamie's family. By this time is was pouring rain and I did not even get my camera out. We had a good time visiting with them. Finally we came home and ate some left overs with my parents. When we got home, it was good to be here. I love visiting our family, but I think it would be soo much fun to just stay in our pj's all day on Christmas! 

The day after Christmas my brother and his family were finally healed! PTL! I hated they were sick and so thankful they were better! We celebrated Christmas at my parents Wednesday night. The girls were super excited to see each other.  Gracie and Sophie Clare compared there Leap Pads that they received for Christmas. 

Emily received an IPOD and LOVES it. She was so excited to show us. Although she would not let me play with it. ;-) 
My mom is always the best at making us precious gifts of our kiddos hand prints or foot prints. They are the best gifts a mom could have! 

Now it was time for the girls to open there gifts. 
They got lots of goodies! 

Sophie Clare got a new pair of jeans and was super excited! 

Loving her new outfit!
 Thanks Gann Gann and Pop! 

We had a wonderful time and a fantastic Christmas!  
We are truly blessed! 

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