Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas has been so much fun with Sophie Clare this year. I love hearing her tell the Christmas story. I tried to video her and she would not have it. She talks about how Mary and Joseph rode a donkey to Bethlehem. Mary has a baby and they name him Jesus. It is soooo sweet. I am still trying to get her on video and even if it is June, I want care as long as I get it. :-)  We have had lots of fun making Christmas stuff, looking at lights, singing Christmas songs and going to all of Christmas activities. She just makes life so much  fun! 

Christmas Eve was not our usual. My brother and his family were getting over the flu. So, we visited with my grandmother and spent most of the day with my parents. My mom had cooked so we ate some yummy food. LOVE HER DRESSING! It taste just like my grandmothers. I am going to have to get in the kitchen and learn to make it! ;-)  

Sophie Clare loves her jeans, sometimes I let them stay in the dirty clothes so that they are not an option. SHHHH don't tell her! hehe Before we went to my parents, she wanted me to take some pics. I took full advantage. These are the wonderful poses I received! haha 

The girls (Emily, Gracie & Sophie Clare) all wanted Dreamlights. Since E and G were not there, I decided to let SC go ahead and open hers. SHE WAS BEYOND EXCITED!!!

She kept asking what it was. 

I loved seeing her face light up and being so excited! 

Later, me, Jamie, SC, my parents, Janine and my grandmother went to look at Christmas lights. There is a house in Albertville that has there lights to music that we wanted everyone to see. Sophie Clare was not not all that impressed. She wanted to see some blow ups with Santa and some Snowmen! We finally saw some of that and she was very pleased. 

We did not feed the reindeer last year but this year we felt like we should. She and Pop went to the garden shed to get a carrot. WOW!! Mom can grow carrots. This one had been growing since Summer. lol It was huge! 
After our bath and a hair washing, we fed the reindeer and set Santa out some cookies and milk.

She was not ready for bed but Santa needed to get busy. 
So, we went to her bedroom and looked out the window.....................
Me- Look, do you see that twinkling star?? 
SC- Yes
Me- That is Santa and he keeps flying around till you go to sleep so let's go brush your teeth. 
When we finish brushing teeth, she wanted to see Santa again. 
Me- oh no Santa has moved
We found another twinkling star and she was ready to go to bed. She kept telling me that she would hear him. 

Good night and sweet dreams my love! 

To be continued.....................................................

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