Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Parade

I love Christmas time! 
 I love to hear Sophie Clare tell me the Christmas story, it is just soo sweet. I also love all the fun activites, lights, music, live nativity and decorating. It is all so much fun! I love seeing Sophie Clare get all excited! 
Monday night was Gadsden's Christmas parade. We have missed the past 2 years because of the weather. i was so tickled that the weather was perfect.  I talked it up to Sophie Clare but she still was not sure what it was. ;-)

This girl loves her jeans..........mommy, not so much but I can compromise! lol
Daddy and Sophie Clare waiting on the parade to start.

I am a sucker.
Sophie Clare said she needed one of those swords.
She is waiting patiently to get one.

Her fabulous light saber. ;-)

She really enjoyed the parade but some of the cars, bells and whistles were realy loud. That part was not all that enjoyable.

We did not make it till the end but that was ok.
 We had tons of fun and can't wait for our next activity!

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