Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Making Memories

Do you ever imagine going somewhere as a family?? 
Having that magical moment?? 
Fun, a beautiful place, Santa, smiles, a train ride?? 
Well I had it all pictured in my mind for Saturday afternoon. We were heading to Huntsville and squeeze in some last Christmas activities.  Sophie Clare was pretty good on the way but was getting sleepy. Our first stop was going to be Bridge Street. It is soooo pretty. I could not wait for Sophie Clare to see it. She ended up falling asleep and I had to wake her before we got there. We get out of the car and she is whining first thing. She will not walk and I could not carry her so a stroller it was. Oh she whined more, wanted me to carry her and then she would cry. Oh the magic was not happening. We were making a scene and everyone was staring. I was trying hard to perk her up............
Do you want to ride the train?  
Do you want a cookie?? 
Do you want to go see the big Christmas tree?? 
Oh lets go see Santa?? 
Every answer to those questions were no and whined while saying it. I threw my hands up and was like forget it. We are going home. We start heading to the car and she starts crying, I want to ride the train.  I had  long talk with her on the bench and prayed that would work. 
It did, no more whining but it did take a while for the smiles! 

Santa was great! She was still pouty but I still made her get her pic with Santa. ;-)
Santa was super sweet! She never even looked at him. 

Now off to the train ride. It was fun and it was a long ride.  A lot longer than the train at the Galleria and very reasonable for all 3 of us to ride!

AHHHH! There is that sweet smiling face!! 

She wanted to take a pic of mommy and daddy.

It was really cold, not a great day for walking outside. 

It ended up a whole lot better than it started! Thank the Lord! 

We had planned on going to Santa's Village, just like we have done the past 3 years. It was so cold and with SC not loving crowds and wanting me to hold her, we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens. I am soooo glad we did. It was tons of fun riding in the car, staying warm and listening to Christmas music. Sophie Clare really enjoyed getting to ride up front to see the Christmas lights!

As you go into the Gardens, we were able to stop by Santa's Rocket Workshop. We were able to see Santa, his reindeer, write letters and much more. 

It was really cold even though they had a little heat. Needless to say we did not stay very long. It was just long enough to "look" at Santa, see the reindeer and write a letter to Santa. 

We had a very good time even though it took a little bit to get in the groove. We topped the night off with fine dining at McDonalds. ;-)

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