Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun In The Snow

You will never ever believe it..........
 It was a beautiful sight to wake up to this morning.  Sophie Clare was ready to go and play in the snow first thing.. It was already melting pretty good but we did go out and walk around a bit.  I would have loved if it had kept snowing for a while.  I think it is fun to be stuck for a couple of days!  

All of these pics are from yesterday...........Sophie Clare had soooo much fun in the snow.  Her sweet little hands were like ice but she did not care. She even called Gann Gann and Pop to come and play! 
Here she is eating a snow for the first time in a couple of years. Oh how I wish it snowed more here! 
She was sooo excited for the snow and loved being out in it! 

Mr. Jamie was getting ready to throw a few snowballs. Don't worry, we got him back! haha

I love snow soooo much! 
It was just beautiful! 

I had bought a snowman kit at Target last year and never got to use it. So excited that we were able to open it up this year! Sophie Clare loved watching daddy roll the snow. 

While SC was in the bath, we had daddy go gather some "clean" snow. We  were going to make some yummy snow cream. 

1 gallon of snow
1 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla
  add milk to the consistency you desire.

Sophie Clare was excited about making it! 

She enjoyed stirring and mixing more than anything! 

This is the vanilla

and this is the bowl we added a little chocolate syrup to.
 It was yummy! .

We had tons of fun and can't wait for the next snow! 

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